If you feel so lonely , let\\\\\\\'s try to learn more about entertainment that will be make you more pleasure one

If you feel so lonely , let\\\\\\\'s try to learn more about entertainment that will be make you more pleasure one

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Entertainment stye and information

Entertainment stye and information

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Tips to having fun in entertainment

Tips to having fun in entertainment

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Flat Screen Tv Produce

Television Sets have evolved drastically over the past 20 years or so and continue on creating new ways towards complete realism. With all the little extras like 3D and Smart TV’s, we are complete with an overall exciting entertainment experience.

Some of today’s Top Rated Flat Screen TV’s simply would have seemed unimaginable 20 years ago. I remember getting ready for school watching my very own TV set thinking this is the life. My own TV. Black and white and what would have been about 10 inch’s with a coat hanger plugged into the aerial socket to get reception was very cool to me. Not that we didn’t have color back then, but because I had my own Television. Even if it was black and white and the size of today’s i Pad.

Nowadays I’m always chasing after the newest and greatest Television sets I can afford. There’s just something about owning the latest technology that grabs me. Of course I do my due diligence and make sure I’m not buying a lemon. But for each person, their requirements will vary from person to person.

Some factors I take into consideration are: Is it a Smart TV. Nowadays being able to connect to

Zindagi Will be Coming Soon On Star Plus

The 72 years old megastar Amitabh Bachchan is again collaborating with Star Plus for Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi which is based on a theme adapted from the British show Tonight is the Night where the wishes of the people come true. So finally, Big B is coming back to the small screen after more than 15 years after Kaun Banega Crorepati which was also an adaptation of a famous English show, Who Want to be a Millionaire.

Big B said about the show, “I started my journey with Star TV and I was looking for an opportunity to associate with them again. When I heard about this show, I immediately agreed to become a part of it. This is indeed a revolutionary idea for Indian TV.” The Big B is believed to be looking after all the aspects of the show.

The theme of the show is based on making audience’s wishes come true, featuring the common people leaving out the dreams for real. There will be no fixed rules as to who can appear in the program. It will feature ordinary people who will be nominated by friends who believe that they have something special or a hidden talent to

What is The Future Of Home Entertainment

There was a time when a family gathered around a television at the end of the day to watch their favourite shows, a game or a movie that would be aired once a week. Times have changed and with it technology too. Entertainment is no longer limited to the idiot box and each one in the family has a tab, a phone or a laptop where they can watch the shows they like. Even in the recent past cable TV subscription was the sole option to usher in television series and movies into the house. But, online movies and series streaming has made it possible to bid adieu to expensive cable devices and watch the programs online for free or a nominal fee. The article states some of the reasons why serie streaming or movie streaming online is a better option for you.

Cost effective: Many television channels stream their shows online for free or for a small subscription fee. Most households have unlimited data plans and blazing internet speed and therefore online series streaming is smooth and an enjoyable experience. You can also purchase one of the many streaming devices and connect it with your television. The options are many

State Of The Seven Kingdoms

Welcome to the first installation of the State of the Seven Kingdoms Address! Get a quick recap of the happenings in the Game of Thrones as events take place in the series!

Where season three left us:

Season three was quite eventful as Westeros endured many more changes to its political structure. Of course, that wasn’t the only concern. We must remember the events that took place beyond The Wall and across the Narrow Sea as well.

State of The Wall and the Night’s Watch

Season three began with Jon Snow meeting the leader of the wildling tribes, Mance Rayder. Snow offers to join the wildlings and leave the Night’s Watch. He travels with the wildling army to The Wall, where they barely make the dangerous climb up. On the other side, the wildlings raid a Night’s Watch stable and capture the owner. They order Jon to kill the man, but he fails to do so. The wildlings begin to attack Jon and Ygritte tries to defend him, but Jon knocks her to the ground and flees for Castle Black. Jon and Ygritte meet again, and Jon is almost killed. He finally makes it to Castle Black, where he falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, many of the

What is the Utd Games Online

It’s only natural for supporters to want to watch Man Utd games online.Manchester United are without question, one of the best teams in the world. They attract a following of supporters from all over the world. I was out in Kenya on safari a few years ago and went to meet a tribe of Masai Warriors and there were tribe members their that were wearing Man Utd shirts. Unbelieveable!

Due to the massive popularity of this English football team, Getting tickets to watch one of their matches can be very difficult, not to metion expensive. What many supporters don’t realise is that they can actually watch Man Utd games online. This is as a result of revolutionary technology that makes it possible to watch the matches on your laptop or PC.

Man Utd Games Online 24 Hours A Day

Man Utd games online can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never will you have had so much coverage of your favorite team. This comes as fantastic news to supporters who sometimes miss matches due to them being otherwised engaged at work when a match is being played. As long as they have a laptop and an internet connection then

Get the Assassin Movies List

I can see it now. All the assassin movies fanatics all in one spot, place, and area regardless if it is online or live. Are you a super assassin fanatic? I am! In a quick minute or two, I will tell  you my 5 favorite assassin movies in a list.

When it comes to watching movies, nothing more excites me than a good killer movie. And no, I am not talking about the type of movie that has dreadful crimes and people killing each other everywhere and making a lot of noise. I am talking about a discreet way of committing murder. The perfect and solid way of committing such crime.

See, not all assassin movies are great, I admit. And the only reason why some are not as good as other in my opinion is because their words are not deep in meaning as the rest.

Let’s take Lucky Number Slevin for instance, this assassin movie is one of my favorite assassin movies up todate, because of how deep and meaningful the entire movie is. I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too much, but the way Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis loyalty stood firm really impress me.

To have someone spare your life and your entire family assassinated, it killed me once I realized both Josh Hartnett and Bruce Willis planned the entire assassination of

How to Video Look Like Film

Film has been a long way gone in video industry but the film look still remains. Why? Because a film look for a video makes it classic. We all know that classics worth more than the normal ones right? Like when you are buying a certain product. When you see an antique item, the price is surely higher than the normal ones. That is because the value of an antique is greater. That is a good reason that you wanted to learn how to make video look like film.

When it comes to video industry, it works the same way. Though we are now in the digital age, learning how to make video look like film gives you the chance of making your video more classic and more valuable. So having that in mind, we let’s then learn how to make video look like film.

Well, the easiest way on how to make video look like film is by shooting videos using an old school film camera. But if you don’t have one, then follow the tips that I will give you here. There are ways on how to make video look like film in the video editing.

After shooting the digital video,

Write A Video Script

You might be a writer in other kind of media like in print journalism or literary writing. Writing for video however is different though you can also apply the writing skills that you have in other fields.

For us to learn how to write a video script, let us see the characteristics of a video and see how can we make our script for those characteristics:

1. Video is visual

Since video is visual, you must write visually. Since things are already seen, you don’t have to tell all the details anymore because they can already see what’s happening. All you have to do is like put some captions on those videos.


Narrative: He is entering the very wide room full of people. Video script: He enters the room (show the very wide room full of people)

2. Video shows motion

You need then to translate stories into motion.


Narrative: He then ran as fast as he can and said, “Come on! Chase me if you can!” Video script: Character: Come on! Chase me if you can (run very fast)

The steps in writing a video script varies from one kind of video to another. So here, let me just show you the steps on how to write

Top favorite movies

Tim Burton is in my top three favorite directors and producers of all time and I love his work and dark take on the world. Ever since his first amazing short film (6 minutes long) ‘Vincent’ I fell in love with his work. Vincent is an amazing short film which was narrated by the great Vincent Price and if you have never seen it I urge you to watch it on YouTube, you will not be disappointed and I hope one day Tim will return to this form of darkness.

Though Tim Burton has countless brilliant movies I do find it hard to choose from but it is my top five that I love and some will just have to excluded so here is the list and enjoy!

No 5 Sweeney Todd; The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

This was a crazy movie/musical only Tim could have directed and starred Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd and Helena Bonham Carter as the charismatic Mrs. Lovett and centers around Todd as an English Barber who murders people by slitting their throats with his straight razor while Mrs Lovett helps him get rid of the bodies by ahem! Cooking them in to her pies and selling

The Black Lagoon Posters on Creaturing

Are you a collector of movie posters and art, and love to have these cool images draped around your house or apartment. There has been a recent surge in the hunt for 1950’s sci-fi unique movie posters and art and I can only suggest this is due to the usual Hollywood remakes of these classics, and the fact also that they are quite amazing pictures of cult movies.

In 2013, one of my favourite classic sci-fi movies is been remade and this is the one and only Creature From The Black Lagoon. Now personally, I am not a fan of remakes at all and can not fathom nor comprehend what will be done to this brilliant movie (of course over the top 3D and CGI) but as the argument goes, these movies need to be remade for the new generation who have never heard nor seen this classic.

The upside to remakes of movies in this genre is it produces some cool Halloween or fancy dress costumes for the monster involved, brings new toys and video games, books and DVD’s, but most importantly, amazing posters and Art works, especially for collectors who love these movies of a certain era.

Because of the history

Make videos will be easy with this step

You might be watching a lot of videos and keep on asking how to make videos like that. Well, I can say that this topic however is broad but let me just discuss how to make videos in general. As I said, it will be a novel-like story if I’ll discuss everything in details here.

Videos are divided into different categories such as movie (or we call it film), documentary, music video, commercials, TV broadcast, and events and corporate videos. The steps on how to make each kind varies so lets talk about them one by one:

How to Make Videos for Movie

1. Make a story and a good title. The purpose of this video is to entertain so the title must be catchy and the story must be appealing. You also have to create new ideas since repeating told stories will just bore the viewers.

2. Depending on how big your production is, complete the team. Get a director, producer, writer, cameramen, editor and of course actors and actresses.

3. Let the writer and storyboard artist complete the script and the storyboard.

4. The cameramen then shoots the scene based on the storyboard. The actors and actresses also act and tell their lines according

Know The Tim Burton Information

You already know that Tim Burton is an incredible visionaire film director and that he’s most famous for his creations such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “The Corpse’s Bride” and “Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street”. But here’s some Tim Burton information you probably didn’t know:

1. Before Burton started directing movies, he was an animator for Disney. He was any good at it and that literally drove him mad. He was supposed to draw foxes in a certain way, but they all turned out, as Tim elegantly put it, looking like roadkill.

One day, out of frustration, he pulled out his own wisdom tooth and walked around the hallways with his bloody tooth in his hand.

2. Did you know that Tim Burton wears a pair of pinstripe socks for good luck on every movie premiere and on special occasions? In most of his movies, the main characters have pinstripe clothes as well.

3. Most of Tim Burton’s movies are influence by the pen and ink drawings of Edward Gorey. This is very noticeable in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, a movie he didn’t actually direct himself, but made the artwork for. He didn’t direct the Nightmare Before Christmas, because he was

Actually that make Video for youtube is simple way

You might have been watching videos from Youtube and you also wanted to make your own. Well, it’s easy actually and you can surely post your own videos too.

When I was first surfing the net before, I love watching videos from Youtube. I can even spend the whole day just to watch my favorite bands. I watch almost everything like movies, jokes, and what not. Maybe you also do. It’s really amazing that Youtube is really popular specially now that it is owned by google.

Anyway, let’s talk about the steps on how to make a video for Youtube:

How to Make a Video for Youtube Step 1 – Plan the Video that You’ll Make

For you to make a video for youtube, you have to follow the steps done in video production. First, you have to conceptualize an idea. What do you wanted to show? Are you going to make a cover song? A short film? A tutorial? Whatever it is, you have to create that idea. If it’s a bit complicated, it is better to write a script for you to follow.

How to Make a Video for Youtube Step 2 – Record the Video

It doesn’t matter what type of camcorder you

Let’s Try to Edit Videos

Okay, so you recorded a lot of videos with your camcorder and now you wanted to learn how to edit those videos. You might be watching a lot of videos on TV and on Youtube and you got some idea in mind on how you wanted the videos to be shown. The problem is, you don’t know how to edit videos. Well, don’t worry cause I’m here to guide you to get you started and suggest things that you can do for now.

How to Edit Videos if You Need Them Immediately

Sad to say, learning how to edit videos is not an overnight matter so if you need it immediately, you better find someone you know who can do it for you. Of course you need to pay them cause video editing is not an easy job. You can go to any video production studio in your place and have them do the work for you.

How to Edit Videos if You Have More Time And You Want to do it Yourself

I guess this is what you wanted to do really. I just shown you the above option because as I said, learning how to edit videos is not an overnight matter,

Do you know what is disneys prom hits

First there was “High School Musical.” Then there was “Glee.” No, strike that. First there was “Grease,” and “Grease II.” “High School Musical II?” “Grease III?” Well, whatever. The point is yet another movie follows in the wake of these teen classics and hits theater screens April 29, 2011. Disney’s “Prom” promises to be a hit with young wannabes as well as older usedtobes. Rated PG, the movie finds hordes of ‘tweens and their moms heading to box office lobbies to check out the latest version of another angst-laden rite of passing.

Prom — Another Disney Movie

Cast of Characters:

Most names are new on the scene, but of course that’s the case. They were just born yesterday.

Jesse Richter, played by Thomas McDonell, shoulders more home responsibilities than typical high schoolers. Cast as a type of “bad boy,” Jesse has little use for socializing, friends and the high school culture. He finds himself doing prom committee work as punishment for breaking a school rule and runs into a pretty girl. Things are bound to heat up from there.

Nova Prescott, played by Aimee Teegarden, we all have known. A straight-A student, enthusiastic and ever positive, Nova aims to please everyone by putting on the

Make Youtube Videos Into Mp3 is So Easy

It might be that you are having a party and you need a certain music to use. Or you are a choreographer so you need it for your dance. You might also be a video editor like me who needs music all the time for a video background. Whatever the reason is, you might need an mp3 music. However, you don’t have that kind of song so you wanted to grab it from Youtube. The problem is, you wanted the audio alone without the video. You wanted then to know how to make youtube videos into mp3.

Well, there are so many ways on how to make youtube videos into mp3 online. Let me just recommend to you the things that I am doing so far.

How to Make Youtube Videos into mp3 1st Way – Use Savetube

All you have to do is search this website online and you are good to go. You have to install the javascipt (which is free) however for this to work. Once you are already there, just open the youtube video that you wanted to grab the music from. After opening that youtube video, just copy the url from your address bar. Then go back to

Comic Book Films

When it comes to comic book films, which ones are your favorites? With new technology coming up with every new movie, it’s hard not to become enamored with each new movie that shows up in the theatre. And these days it seems that every film (comic book or no) seems to be filmed in 3D, making the action a lot more realistic. From Superman The Movie to the upcoming Green Lantern, it seems to be a fact that comic book films will be thrilling audiences for years to come. The purpose of this article is to seven of the upcoming comic book movies to the cinema.

Green Lantern — This is the next big movie to come down the pike. Hal Jordan, a test pilot receives a ring from a dying alien that gives him fantastic powers. He soon finds out that he has been recruited into an extraterrestrial police force that enforces justice in the universe.

X-Men First Class — Before they were enemies, Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr were best friends. A potential world crisis (which from what I can tell from the previews may be the Cuban Missile Crisis) brings them together to form the first class of Professor

Let’s Make Your Videos Load Faster

You might be watching a videos online (maybe in youtube or vimeo or whatever) and you really hate it because it keeps on buffering. I myself don’t like it when you’re in the climax of the video then suddenly it stops. It’s really a hassle waiting for a video to load for so long. So what are the ways on how to make videos load faster?

Well, there are some factors that affect the way videos load faster online. These are the video quality uploaded by the one who placed the video online and the speed of your internet connection. Sometimes, it is also the website page.

As you can see how to make videos load faster can be controlled by the uploader of by the end user.

How to Make Videos Load Faster While Watching Online

When you are watching in youtube, there is an option for you to watch in 240p, 360, or even high quality. If you want the video to load faster then choose the lowest which is 240p. Just bear with the video however because the quality will surely be not so good.

If you wanted to watch videos online in highest quality while they load fast, you must upgrade

How to Watch Tv Through Internet

Receiving TV through internet is the new craze among internet users these days. It seems like every day there is a new TV series or show coming out. It amazes me how fast our world is changing and one of the coolest new suprises I’ve heard of in a while is being able to watch tv through internet from any computer you set it up with.

Have you been thinking about investing in a way to receive television online and you can even connect that to your main TV. Say what! Yes, you can actually watch tv on your big screen TV and maybe… cancel your cable subscription. Oh yeah, a lot of people are actually cancelling their TV service they had and making a one time payment for a lifetime subcription. You will never have to pay another bill or pay for a new upgrade, ever. Think of the money you will save over time!

Most people don’t even know how many channels you can receive from a program that provides you with TV through internet. So, let’s say your hangin’ out at home and you want to watch (and your male) football, (female) reality show, lol. OK, that’s fine, you

Know the Best Action Movies Of All Time

There is nothing like a good adrenaline pumping, fast paced action movie to keep you entertained. Bullets, explosions and the thrills of rooting for the hero (or the bad guy) are just some of the things we look for in this exciting movie genre.

In this article, I present to you some of my favorite action movies that I’ve seen. These would be great for a Father’s Day movie marathon if your old man likes movies.

They may not be your favorites or you might have seen a few of them before or even the entire list. Hopefully, you’ll agree that the action movies on this list are worthy of being on a list of 10 best action movies of all time.

10. Bad Boys (1995)

Will Smith stars in this Michael Bay directed action-comedy about two police detectives that try to protect the witness to a murder that might be connected to a drug heist.

Every time this movie comes on, I get caught up watching it because the scenes just progress nicely and Tcheky Karyo is one bad mutha of a bad guy.

I didn’t care much for the sequel although it was a bit entertaining.

9. The Rock (1996)

The Rock is another Michael Bay